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Better Business Bureau A+ Electric Services

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Better Business Bureau A+ Electric Services

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Comprehensive Electric Services

Lutz Electric Services Inc is staffed with highly-experienced electrical contractors, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electric services in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas.

Residential Services

Most electrical fires in the home are caused by faulty electrical outlets. Our licensed electricians can install your wiring, inspect your existing wiring—including outlets—for problems, and/or repair any wiring that is a problem. We guarantee that when we are finished, your wiring is safe and up to code.

Concerned about power loss or electrical surges? Lutz Electric Services Inc installs generators that won’t fail when you need them. We install surge arrestors to stop surges due to lightning or induced surges from nearby electrical wires. The surge arrestor protects your computers and all of your electronic equipment by diverting the additional voltage to the grounded, earth wire. We can keep your lights on and protect your electronic devices from high-voltage surges with our specialized installation services.

Industrial & Commercial Electric

Electric systems for industrial and commercial locations have different demands and codes than residential. We can install and wire your equipment, infrared scanning, security systems, and so much more.

Lutz Electric Service, Inc.
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Lutz Electric Services Inc

With our 24-hour emergency services; free estimates; licensed, experienced electricians; and no overtime charges, you can trust us to provide all of your electrical services.

Thank you for the Excellent Service. Will recommend you to anyone that says they are in need of “GREAT” electrician. Loraine VanDyke


Work was professionally done in a neat and timely manner. Would have them back if needed. D. Shaffer


I needed help with my parents’ house in Venice and was not at that location. The house was being sold and I urgently needed electrical help because the inspection came back with a few issues. There were issues from the 2017 hurricane. FPL had shut off power because they saw issues with the power at the house. Lutz got over there the next day and started fixing things right away over a 2 day period and also worked directly with FPL to get them out to the house to turn the power back on as soon as the internal house problems were fixed. I never had a doubt they knew what they were doing and felt I could trust them. Their prices were reasonable (surprise everyone, good electrical help and parts are not still at 1977 prices) but the prices were fair and well worth the comfort, trust and 40 years of experience they brought. Aaron Palone


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